"Disney Character" - My all-time favorite animated character, Wall-E.

"Vegetables" - A little roadside veggie stand.

"Mars" - I used this challenge as an opportunity to play around with texture in Illustrator since I'd been wanting to get a grainy look down. I really liked out it turned out and as a result, you'll see this technique used in future challenges.

"Shoes" - I had to do the shoes that I wear literally every day. Mine are a lot dirtier than this.

"Queso" - I couldn't think of anything interesting to illustrate so I decided to practice some lettering. (top) Original inked version. (bottom) Final vector.

"Me as Grumpy Cat" - One of our team members moved away and loves Grumpy Cat so we did this challenge in his honor. We later made a sticker sheet with all of our grumpy selves and mailed it to him. Note: I borrowed the hair from my avatar I did previously and added a couple shadows after the 30 minute mark.

"Avocado" - I did some chunky lettering for this challenge and a quick pattern for the background. (top) Original lettering. (bottom) Final vector.

"Burger" - I never know if you're supposed to put the lettuce or tomato on first...

"Favorite Snack" - GARY?!?!

"Spaceship" - I made what I think is one of the coolest spaceships of all time, the X-Wing.
Note: I took a little extra time after the 30 minute mark to add the background.

"Sunglasses" - For this challenge I illustrated my Vans Spicoli's. I'm on my third pair after the first ones broke and the second got scratched. Incidentally this is also why I don't pay more than $12 for sunglasses.

"Perfect Breakfast" - When the challenge is "perfect breakfast" there's only one thing to do... As a side note I really want that taco pattern as a t-shirt.

"Potted Plant" - At the 30 minute mark I mainly just had the vector shapes and gradients done, but I really liked it and wanted to take it further. So, I spent some additional time experimenting and really pushing the grain texture effect within each shape instead of just adding a grainy overlay like I had done for previous challenges.

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