Jeff Chester Design

Navigating Covid-19

An Essential Contractor's Guide

In the early days of the pandemic, many home improvement businesses were facing uncertain futures. How would an industry which relies so heavily on face-to-face contact adapt to a world where that is suddenly not possible? There were many challenges to overcome in the days ahead.

Meticulously researched by our content team, this ebook provides home improvement contractors with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to safely and effectively sustain —if not grow— their business. The content includes a wide range of topics from virtual sales tools and tips for staying cash flow positive, to guidance on how to safely conduct in-home appointments. This piece is designed to be an empowering resource that contractors can reference when challenges caused by the pandemic arise. 

Since its launch, this content has been shared with more than 40,000 Modernize customers, and downloaded more than 400 times. The response from contractors has been overwhelmingly positive. 

The cover illustration was inspired by the idea that even among all of the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that we were facing at the time, there were still homeowners in need of the services that contractors provide. For small business owners, and those in trades deemed “non-essential” during the initial lockdowns, the situation was especially dire. Would they be able to continue paying employees? Would they be able to stay afloat at all? From a distance, the future seemed hopelessly bleak. With this cover illustration, I wanted to “zoom in” and show that there was opportunity among the uncertainty, and provide a sense of hope that would inspire contractors to read on and learn how to navigate the pandemic. 

The rest of the ebook continues this comforting, optimistic tone. The Modernize brand voice and style is well-suited to this task. Our primary user base is homeowners looking to complete a home improvement project, which can be an incredibly stressful situation even without the constant looming threat of a global pandemic. As such, our brand voice is designed to be calm, encouraging, and empowering. The look and feel reinforces this through the use of a primarily cool color palette, clear and intuitive presentation, and illustrations that are friendly without being too playful or unprofessional.

This project also reflects the importance that we, as a company, place on representation of women and people of color in our communications. We strive to show a diverse, inclusive range of individuals that are typically underrepresented especially in the home improvement industry.