Jeff Chester Design

In early 2016, Lenovo came to our team with the goal of moving a specific amount of units in a short period of time. The campaign included display media, rich media units, and emails promoting current sales. Our business analysts implemented pixel tracking in order to provide accurate reports of how many unit sales our media was influencing. The first step for me was to create an overarching concept to tie all of the pieces together. It needed to be flexible and feel cohesive with the Lenovo brand, which is clean and modern. I decided on a winter-themed sale, with a geometric line art snowflake as the identifying mark. The campaign succeeded in reaching its goal, and outperformed any other partner.

Rich media units featured multiple products in an interactive carousel.

Email were sent out regularly. The first, below, introduced the Winter Sale and the first round of featured products, then periodically thereafter to promote the latest sales.