Jeff Chester Design

Roofing Cost Calculator

Modernize’s flagship experiences are its cost calculators. They provide the homeowner with accurate, helpful information that will assist them in planning their home improvement project. This roofing cost calculator was the first one where I owned the product design process from start to finish. My goal was to provide a simple, intuitive user experience with a touch of personality to delight homeowners. 

The process began with research, competitive analysis, and defining user flows before moving onto the wireframe phase. During this stage, the objective was to make sure that there are no gaps in the logic and that all possible user paths are accounted for. User flows were built in Miro and wireframes were built in Sketch.

Once the user flows were defined and the rough layout was completed in the wireframe phase, we moved on to the high-fidelity design, built in Sketch and Invision. My favorite part of the process was creating the icons for the question flow and the animated illustrations for the results screen. Assets were created in Illustrator and animated in Keyshape.